Teresa Bondora
Award Winning Public Speaker ~ Author ~ Teacher ~ Scientist ~ Inventor

Teresa graduated from The University of Alabama at Birmingham in science and education. She taught high school science for 8 years.
After giving birth to a child with autism, she took her kids out of school and homeschooled them. She became involved in the education community, started creating materials to help others teach science skills, introduce chemistry to children and the offers to speak began.
She has since authored 7 books including The Periodic Table of Elements Coloring Book available at all major book sellers. 

She has consulted to movies and television shows, speaks at museums, colleges, schools, conventions, teaches the profoundly gifted, works with parents and continues to write. Her next book will be co-authored by her son entitled
The Chemistry of Minecraft Coloring Book.
Her daughter works at Disney World and Teresa has been known to ride Everest continuously until she gets dizzy.

You can find her on Facebook or see her web site: